Discover the world’s most glamourous stretch of coastline during your Amalfi Coast yacht charter.


The Amalfi Coast is certainly one of the most scenic yacht charter destinations in Italy. It offers views of an outstanding beauty with a succession of heavenly beaches and creeks. Dramatic mountains plunge into the sea and colorful houses tumble down into fantastic blue bays. The region comprises 13 villages, each with its own lovely peculiarities, but all rich in culture, history and surrounded by a verdant nature. An Amalfi Coast yacht charter is simply the best way to discover the real beauty of this enchanting place by stopping in the different seaside towns and admiring the cliffside architecture from the sea. Stroll around the winding streets of these charming villages such as Ravello or Positano, browse the traditional shops, enjoy the delicate food and wine… Luxurious designer shopping, fabulous restaurant scene, no doubt the Amalfi coast is one of the most sought-after destinations in the Mediterranean for a boat rental. This part of the world is truly one of those places you have to pinch yourself to make sure it is real. Not to mention the island of Capri which by itself is totally worth the trip!


At Talamare, we believe that experience can turn a special yacht charter into an extra special one. Take a look at the few examples below and contact our charter planners for details and recommendations.

Preparing pasta during Mamma Agata cooking class

Cooking class with Mamma Agata

For a fabulous day of cooking, fun and great company… Cooking with Mamma Agata and her daughter Chiara in their home in Ravello is just a memorable experience. Food and hospitality are second to none. You will get to learn a lot during the cooking class and eat from start to finish.

Views from the path of the gods on the Amalfi Coast

Walk the path of the gods

The path of the gods is a magnificent walk along an old mule track perched 600 metres above sea level. It offers, at every turn, breathtaking views of the coast, the island of Capri and the Gulf of Salerno.

A plate of seafood pasta

Seafood lunch in Nerano

Head to La Taverna del Capitano in Nerano, a family owned restaurant which serves delicious food. Hospitality is stupendous, food is well priced, wine selection is great. We particularly recommend the tuna and the spaghetti Nerano.

Our favourite spots


Amalfi will give you a glimpse of the Italian dolce vita. Climb the steps, get lost in the alleys, stroll under the wisteria, enter the traditional workshops… The most famous sight is the Duomo of the cathedral Sant’Andrea.

Hotel Santa Caterina


Probably the most beautiful hotel on the Amalfi coast. It is a unique place to discover the best of Italian gastronomy and hospitality.
Hotel Santa Caterina - Via Mauro Comite 9 - 84011 Amalfi - +39 089 871012

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A very lovely address in Amalfi to enjoy seafood in a wonderful setting and with impeccable service. Very romantic!
Eolo - Via Mauro Comite 3 – 84011 Amalfi - +39 089 871241

Marina Grande


A very nice restaurant situated on the beach of Amalfi just a stone's throw from the city centre, a very attractive menu with well-presented dishes.
Ristorante Marina Grande - Viale della Regione 4 - 84011 Amalfi - +39 089 871129

Pizzeria Donna Stella


A good pizzeria, where you can have lunch on the terrace in the shade of lemon trees. Good value for money.
Donna Stella - Salita Rascica 2 - 84011 Amalfi - +39 338 358 8483


The island’s natural beauty, great atmosphere and delectable Italian restaurants make it a must-stop on any Amalfi Coast yacht charter. Capri is also known for the Faraglioni, 3 ancient rocks that are erected in the sea.

La Fontelina


Our favorite spot in Capri! In this charming restaurant, you can enjoy the best grilled fish and also antipasti, burrata with vegetables or delicious spaghetti alle vongole.
La Fontelina - Via Faraglioni – Capri - +39 081 837 0845

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Da Paolino


Ideal in the evening for a dinner under a pergola of lemon trees with their enchanting scent. The concept? A buffet full of salads, antipasti, vegetables and grilled fish.
Da Paolino - Via Palazzo a Mare 11 - 80073 Capri - +39 340 400 0304

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This family-run restaurant serves the best pizzas cooked in a wood fire!
Ristorante Pizzeria Aurora - Via Fuorlovado 18 - 80073 Capri - +39 081 837 0181

Blue Grotto


The Blue Grotto is a sea cave located on the coast of Capri island. It is famous for its bright blue waters. The fluorescent glow comes from a large underwater opening under the entrance of the cave which is used by the boats.



This perfume factory is an institution. Founded in the Middle Ages by the monks of San Giacomo, it continues to produce its perfumes and soaps using the same ancestral distillation methods.
Carthusia - Viale Matteotti, 2 – Capri - +39 081 837 5393

Conca Dei Marini

This tiny fishing village is a cluster of pastel-coloured houses nestled at the base of a cliff. Unlike the other coastal towns, it is much quieter but has a delightful dolce vita atmosphere.

Il Reffetorio


Located in a 17th-century convent which has been transformed in an intimate luxury hotel, this restaurant full of history is the perfect place to enjoy a taste of ‘la dolce vita’. Il Refettorio serves an inventive Mediterranean cuisine with the freshest ingredients locally sourced.
Monastero Santa Rosa - Via Roma 2 - 84010 Conca dei Marini - +39 089 832 1199

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Ischia is a green volcanic island with many thermal springs which offers an extraordinary holiday environment. The coasts, dotted with pine forests, have dozens of creeks and bays where you can enjoy water sports.



Recently renovated, the mythical hotel located on the charming island of Ischia offers two wonderful restaurants. Built on a rock overlooking the bay of San Montano, the hotel blends old-fashioned charm with discreet luxury. Enjoy a stopover on land and discover this enchanting place.
Mezzatorre - 80075 Forio, Ischia - +39 081 986111

Ristorante Alberto


Very pleasant restaurant by the sea. Not fancy but friendly staff, food quality and portion size are very good. We recommend Linguine all' Aragosta.
Ristorante Alberto - via C. Colombo 8 - 80077 Ischia - +39 081 981259

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A fish restaurant where you will have a great time in terms of food, setting and atmosphere. The staff is very entertaining and food is served in abundance. Great value for money.
Ristorante Neptunus - Via Lo Russo 1 - 80075 Forio - +39 338 467 2608



A very beautiful spa complex nestled in lush vegetation: basins, water labyrinths, waterfalls, hammam... There is also a beautiful beach.
Hydrothermal Negombo Park - Baia di S. Montano - 80076 Ischia - +39 081 986152


With charming pastel coloured houses plunging into the sea, winding streets with the scents of lemon and olive trees, Positano is the most romantic town of the coast.

Villa Treville


The restaurant of this intimate hotel offers an idyllic and exclusive setting to enjoy a delicious cuisine with premium products locally sourced.
Hotel Villa Treville - Via Arienzo 30 - 84017 Positano - +39 089 812 2401

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Emporio Sirenuse


A great shop for summer dresses and kaftans.
Emporio Sirenuse - Via Cristoforo Colombo 107 - 84017 Positano - +39 089 812 2026

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La Sponda


A 5-star service, a divine and inventive cuisine, a magical setting with superb views from the terrace, live music... What more could you ask for?
Hotel Le Sirenuse - Via San Sebastiano 2 - 84017 Positano - +39 089 875066

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Music on the rocks


For a fun night head to Music on the rocks. The club has a unique setting in a cave overlooking the beach. Great mix of music and good drinks.
Music on the rocks - Via Grotte dell'incanto 51 – 84017 Positano - +39 089 875874

Il San Pietro


The hotel is home to Michelin-starred restaurant Zass. The Chef prepares a gourmet Mediterranean cuisine which is served on a very romantic terrace facing the sea. Carlino is more informal and a great option for lunchtime.
Il San Pietro di Positano - Via Laurito 2 - 84017 Positano - +39 089 875455

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Founded by a group of Romans who escaped barbaric looting after the fall of the Empire, the peaceful town of Ravello gathers dozens of churches, gardens and ancient palaces.

Belvedere at Hotel Caruso


Perched at the top of Ravello, this hotel offers a peaceful setting and sumptuous views over the Mediterranean. Exceptional in just about every way.
Hotel Caruso - Piazza S. Giovanni del Toro 2 - 84010 Ravello - +39 089 858801

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Il Flauto di Pan


Located in the magnificient Villa Cimbrone , this restaurant serves a delicate and refined Mediterranean cuisine in a magical setting. This is Italian gastronomy at its highest level. The public gardents of the villa are open for visits.
Villa Cimbrone - Via Santa Chiara 26 - 84010 Ravello - +39 089 857459

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Villa Rufolo


The residence of Ravello's most powerful family, grandiose with its massive towers, beautiful courtyard and superb gardens laid out on a terrace overlooking the sea. The panorama is just wonderful.
Villa Rufolo - Piazza Duomo - 84010 Ravello