A heavenly island boasting old traditions and a wild nature, the perfect combination for a Sardinia yacht charter.


Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean and an idyllic yacht charter destination. It is a beautiful island full of unspoilt treasures. Bays and coves with transparent waters alternate along the coast. But Sardinia’s appeal is not limited to its gorgeous turquoise waters and powdery white sandy beaches: spectacular gorges, charming seaside resorts, dramatic mountains… they all make the island a paradise for tourists, hikers, scuba divers and thrill seekers. Last but not least, Sardinia is home to a refined gastronomy accompanied by some of the world's most sought-after wines. The beautiful rugged scenery makes it the perfect destination for a Mediterranean yacht rental. Located on Sardinia's northern coasts, is the very popular destination of Costa Smeralda (Emerald Coast). With many luxurious hotels and restaurants, designer boutiques and a number of exclusive events held throughout the summer, it is certainly a must-stop during your Sardinia yacht charter. Corsica is just a very short cruise away and can be combined with a yacht rental in Sardinia.


At Talamare, we believe that experience can turn a special yacht charter into an extra special one. Take a look at the few examples below and contact our charter planners for details and recommendations.

A luxury quirky lighthouse hotel in Sardinia

Spend the night in a lighthouse

The red lighthouse of Cape Spartivento stands at the southern tip of Sardinia. This property, which belongs to the Italian Navy, has been transformed into an exclusive hotel. The listed monument houses six design and luxurious rooms, a swimming pool overflowing on the sea, a gastronomic restaurant only accessible to the hotel guests... The lighthouse offers a great one-on-one experience with nature, especially when the sea is raging under a storm.

Stone structures dating back to the Nuragic culture in Su Nuraxi Di Barumini in Sardinia

The mysterious towers of Sardinia

A number of ancient megalithic stone structures are scattered throughout Sardinia. Built by the Nuragic civilization between 1900 and 730 BC, they are known as nuraghes. These structures remain a great mystery for all historians and researchers. Su Nuraxi Di Barumini is the most impressive construction.

The Sardinian town of Bosa and its romantic atmosphere at nightfall

Explore a romantic town

Considered as one of the "most beautiful villages in Italy", Bosa is an enchanting city situated on the west coast, south of Alghero. After visiting the medieval fortress and the centre with its colourful pastel houses, join the quays of the Temo river, the old tanneries district, and push your walk to the marina. At nightfall, the numerous terraces of cafés invite you to enjoy the dolce vita.

Our favourite spots


With its beautiful Catalan architecture, Alghero is a vibrant coastal town. The historical centre boasts an enjoyable atmosphere with tiny cafés, bar and restaurants. Watching the sunset from the ramparts is a must.

Al Tuguri


This charming little restaurant with its cosy atmosphere is great to discover the local cuisine. The vibe is very relaxed. The flagship dish is the Catalan lobster.
Al Tuguri – via Maiorca 113 - 07041 Alghero - +39 079 976772

The Kings


A beautiful terrace with sea view. The service is attentive, the food is good, we recommend the tuna steak crusted with pistachios.
The Kings - Via Cavour 123 - bastioni Marco Polo 5 – 07041 - +39 079 979650

Neptune’s grotto


Visit the cave of Neptune which was discovered by local Sardinian fishermen in the 18th century: one of the most popular tourist attractions in Sardinia.
Grotta di Nettuno - Località Capo Caccia - 07041 Alghero

La Maddalena

The archipelago is located north of Sardinia, just a few kilometres away from the Corsican coasts. It is one of the most beautiful sites of Sardinia. With over 180 km of coastline, stunning beaches, crystal clear waters, exceptional flora and fauna, la Maddalena is the ideal spot for water-based activities.

Il Paguro at Capo d’Orso


The hotel Capo d’Orso is facing the archipelago, immersed in one of the most beautiful landscapes of northern Sardinia with a lush vegetation. The hotel has a choice of 3 restaurants. Il Paguro is particularly great.
Capo d’Orso - Localita' Cala Capra Palau (OT) - +39 0789 790317

Spiaggia Rosa


With is pink sands made of tiny coral fragments, Spiaggia Rosa is one of the most extraordinary beaches in Sardinia.
Spiaggia Rosa – 07024 Budelli

Porto della Madonna


The most impressive turquoise lagoon in the archipelago.
Porto della Madonna – Le Isole di Rizzoli

Porto Cervo

Porto Cervo has an incredible energy in the summer. Built in the late 1960s by the Aga Khan, this exclusive coastal resort is overlooking a beautiful cove, with luxurious hotels, high-end fashion boutiques and restaurants lining its cobbled streets.

Hotel Cala di Volpe


The most-sought after hotel on Costa Smeralda has a choice of restaurants and bars which are definitely worth a visit during a yacht charter. The main restaurant offers a refined Mediterranean cuisine with fabulous buffets for antipasti and desserts. A must!
Hotel Cala di Volpe - 07020 Porto Cervo - +39 0789 976111

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Gianni Pedrinelli


A classic in Porto Cervo, very elegant setting and beautiful decoration. The fish is excellent. Service is great without being exceptional. Slighlty over-priced but worth a visit.
Ristorante Pedrinelli - Piccolo Pevero - Porto Cervo - +39 0789 92436

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Aqua Lounge


Facing the harbour, the restaurant serves a creative cuisine in a trendy atmosphere. The lounge is also a great place to have a drink.
Ristorante Aqualounge at Porto Cervo Yacht Club - piazza Azzurra - 07021 Porto Cervo - +39 0789 183 2033

Phi Beach


The setting of this open-air club is amazing, especially at sunset. The place is worth a visit if you want to have drinks with good music.
Phi Beach - Forte Cappelini - 07021 Baia Sardinia - +39 345 288 4254

La Sasima


La Sasima is an authentic restaurant located in the countryside, a few kilometres away from Porto Cervo. You can enjoy traditional Sardinian cuisine in an old barn or in the garden.
La Sasima - Strada Provinciale 73 - San Pantaleo - 07021Arzachena - +39 339 349 6456

Porto Rotondo

Porto Rotondo followed the expansion of Porto Cervo. The beautiful marina is located at the southern tip of Costa Smeralda. Set on a stunning bay, Porto Rotondo has everything from fine dining restaurants to high-end shops and spectacular beaches…

Lu Stazzu


Our favourite restaurant in Porto Rotondo! A buffet and a unique menu with pasta and pork cooked in a wood fire. The terrace is absolutely gorgeous with splendid views over the bay.
Lu Stazzu - Via Monte Ladu 55 - 07026 Porto Rotondo - +39 0789 34837



An enchanting and romantic setting for this restaurant, with tables scattered among olive trees. The cuisine is delicious: fish, homemade ravioli, desserts... There is something for all tastes and everything is very good.
Pedristellas - Via Monte Ladu 63 - 07026 Porto Rotondo - +39 377 236 9201

Da Giovannino


Picturesque setting for this authentic Sardinian restaurant. Excellent cuisine and premium products. The wine list is impressive.
Da Giovannino - Piazza Quadrata 11 - 07026 Porto Rotondo - +39 0789 35280