The best Mediterranean cruise destinations for a yacht charter


What better place to rent a yacht than the Mediterranean? If the Mediterranean as a whole is already utterly beautiful with its coastal villages, historic sites and unique atmosphere, there are a number of yacht charter destinations to tick off your travel bucket list. The Mediterranean boasts indeed a wealth of stunning coastal destinations spread across its Western and Eastern corners, each with very different characteristics and possibilities. From quaint coastal towns to lively seaside resorts, rugged landscapes to dreamy white sand beaches, there is no other place in the world where you can experience such a great diversity of history, culture and scenery. In this post, our yacht charter specialists look at the best Mediterranean cruise destinations for a yacht charter. Our yacht charter team will help you select the one that is just right for you but in the meantime, you might want to update your summer travel bucket list! 

The coastal village of Positano on the Amalfi Coast, one of the best Mediterranean cruise destinations
Panorama of the village of Ravello with its bell towers, pine trees and the Mediterranean sea
Aerial view of the Faraglioni rock formations off the island of Capri with a multitude of yachts at anchor
Night view of the village of Amalfi on the Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast

With just 25 kilometres of coastline, the Amalfi Coast is a concentrated cruising area and one of the most spectacular regions in Italy. The main sites of interest are located a few nautical miles from each other, which will allow you to fully enjoy the "dolce vita": a stroll ashore, a visit to sumptuous villas, shopping and of course a taste of the local cuisine. Characterized by a steep coastline, azure waters and charming colourful villages built on the cliffside, the Amalfi Coast is a highly popular destination for a yacht charter in the Mediterranean. A yacht charter on the Amalfi Coast will also allow you to discover Capri, one of the most popular Mediterranean islands in summer. You can also check out our article abour the top things to do in Capri. Yacht rentals on the Amalfi Coast generally start from Naples. To explore the region in its full scope, we recommend a week Amalfi Coast yacht charter itinerary.

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The ramparts in the old city of Dubrovnik in Croatia
Mljet National Park and its lush islands in Croatia
Aerial shot of the gorgeous beach of Zltani Rat in Croatia
The town of Trogir in Croatia with its small harbour full of fishing boats


In recent years, Croatia has become one of the most popular cruising destinations in the Mediterranean. Despite this tourist boom, your yacht charter in Croatia will allow you to discover peaceful islands where nature reigns supreme. With family or friends, renting a yacht is the best way to explore Croatia as you will be able to sail from one island to another, at your own pace, to discover this fascinating region. Your yacht rental in Croatia will also allow you to explore some beautiful cities such as Dubrovnik or Trogir. Dubrovnik, known as the "museum city" and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, deserves a thorough visit for its many spectacular sites - starting with the old fortified city. Many take advantage of their yacht charter in Croatia to get a glimpse of Montenegro by embarking or disembarking in the beautiful Kotor Bay.

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A residential area with white houses on the island of Panarea in Sicily
A church on the island of Salina in Sicily, seen from the port
The island of Stromboli in Sicily with fumes emanating from the volcano
The island of Vulcano in Sicily

Aeolian Islands

Located a few miles north from Sicily, the UNESCO-listed archipelago of the Aeolian Islands is a true Mediterranean paradise. The volcanic landscapes, cobalt-blue waters, black sand beaches and lively ports attract yacht charterers to the Aeolian Islands where nature and history combine. Their geographic proximity is ideal for island-hopping. Lipari, Salina and Panarea are quite dynamic while the islands of Filicudi and Alicudi are much quieter. There is a place for every taste and the Aeolian Islands offer a number of unusual shore excursions including hot springs, mud baths and the observation of the Stromboli volcanic eruptions. Snorkeling is also one of the best in the Mediterranean and so is hiking. Adventure awaits during your yacht charter in the Aeolian Islands!
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A seafront Greek taverna restaurant on the island of Mykonos in Greece
The village of Paros in Greece, seen from the sea
The beach of Sarakiniko and its geological formations on the island of Milos in the Cyclades in Greece
Blue domes and white buildings on the island of Santorini in Greece


Greece maintains all its tourist attractiveness thanks to its enchanting islands where whitewashed villages contrast with azure waters. The number of islands is impressive and you could sail in Greece for weeks or even months. However, if there is one Mediterranean archipelago to put on your bucket list, it is indeed the Cyclades, which includes the iconic Mykonos and Santorini. The islands are of divine beauty and the atmosphere is sophisticated with excellent beach clubs and restaurants. Don't miss a trip ashore and especially to Oia on the island of Santorini. Whether you wish to soak up the traditional Greek village atmosphere, make the most of water-based activities, sample local delicacies and wines or even take a hike up a volcano, a Cyclades yacht rental will not disappoint.

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The colourful coastline of Menton in the south of France
The stunning Belle Epoque Casino of Monaco and its gardens
A bay in Théoule-sur-mer with the red rocks of the Esterel massif and the waters of the Mediterranean sea
Yachts moored in the port of St Tropez

French Riviera

Finally, the French Riviera must absolutely be included on your bucket list. For many years, the south of France has led the ranking of the best Mediterranean destinations for yacht charter. It is on the French Riviera that you will find the most vibrant seaside resorts in the Mediterranean including Cannes, St Tropez and Monaco. You will also find unspoilt landscapes such as the islands of Porquerolles or the Esterel massif. When renting a yacht on the French Riviera, there are many exciting activities to enjoy: water sports, cultural discoveries, gourmet tastings, shopping, nightlife... The French Riviera is an ideal destination for both day and week yacht rentals. Your yacht charter planner will provide you with a fully personalised cruising itinerary according to your wishes and the duration of your holiday.
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