The best scuba diving places in the Mediterranean for your yacht charter


Known for its spectacular seascapes, clear waters and complex marine ecosystem, the Mediterranean boasts some of the best scuba diving places in the world. The diversity of the coastline and the many islands offer a large variety of diving sites accessible to all levels of experience. Caves, reefs, walls, wrecks and a fascinating marine life, the Mediterranean is a true diving paradise! A yacht charter holiday is the perfect opportunity to explore the underwater world while enjoying the luxurious comfort of a boat. Talamare has charter yachts equipped with the latest diving equipment and with PADI instructors onboard to ensure you dive in complete safety. Check out our list of the 10 best diving destinations in the Mediterranean and some of our favourite dive sites.

Scuba diving with a grouper in the Lavezzi islands in Corsica
Woman scuba diving during a Mediterranean yacht charter
Grouper in the Mediterranean Sea
Diver exploring a wreck in the Aegean Sea in Greece

Diving sites for your French Riviera yacht charter

Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the founding father of modern scuba diving and the inventor of the first self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (scuba) known as “Aqua-Lung”, was French. It is therefore not surprising that France, the birthplace of scuba diving, remains one of the most popular diving destinations in the Mediterranean. Among the most beautiful dive sites to discover during your south of France yacht charter is the Port-Cros national park located near the Hyères islands. Created in 1963, it is the oldest marine reserve in Europe. The park has abundant underwater life and beautiful marine landscapes. Wreck lovers will also find their happiness along the coasts of the south of France with several diving sites including the mythical wreck of the Donator.

Some of our favourite sites...

  • Port-Cros national marine park
  • The wreck of the Donator in Porquerolles

Diving sites for your Corsica yacht charter

With some of the most diverse maritime seabed in the Mediterranean, Corsica is a fantastic destination for scuba divers of all experience levels. The waters of Corsica are among the cleanest and calmest in the Mediterranean, providing divers with the clearest underwater visibility. Some of the sites not to be missed in Corsica are: the gulf of Porto for its fabulous reefs, the bay of Ajaccio for its colourful corals as well as the Lavezzi islands for their grouper population and spectacular rock formations. Diving in Corsica during your yacht rental is also the opportunity to discover extraordinary wrecks such as the MV Alcione C located on the east coast.

Some of our favourite sites...

  • Les Cathedrales in the bay of Ajaccio
  • Capo Rosso
  • Merouville in the Lavezzi islands
  • The Scandola nature reserve
  • The wreck of the MV Alcione C

Diving sites for your Malta yacht charter

Malta, Gozo and Comino, the main islands of the Maltese archipelago, offer some of the most unique diving in the Mediterranean. Clear waters and a temperature of around 25°C are already a good start. In addition, there are over 50 dive sites boasting breathtaking scenery: caves, grottoes, tunnels, reefs, arches… The most iconic dive site is certainly the Blue Hole off the island of Gozo with its spectacular formation. Yet Malta is also known as the best wreck diving destination in the Mediterranean with numerous World War II shipwrecks and aircraft wrecks. Malta's underwater scenery is second to none and its marine life is thriving with populations of barracuda, octopus, sharks, dolphins and turtles. Given the large number and diversity of its sites, Malta attracts divers of all experience levels.

Some of our favourite sites...

  • The Blue Hole in Gozo
  • The Santa Maria Caves in Camino
  • The wreck of the Imperial Eagle in Malta
  • The Double Arch Reef in Gozo
  • Reqqa Point in Gozo

Diving sites for your Sicily yacht charter

With its volcanic scenery, clear waters and biodiversity, Sicily is a popular destination for scuba diving. The underwater attractions vary from region to region. In the Taormina area you can explore caves, grottoes and shipwrecks. If your yacht rental takes you to the Aeolian Islands, you will have the opportunity to admire unique underwater volcanic panoramas. But the true jewel is located north of Palermo. The tiny island of Ustica is a fabulous dive location offering steep walls, colourful corals, caves and some wrecks with an abundant fauna and flora. Boasting volcanic rocks, Ustica island is also known as the "black pearl". The entire island has been a marine reserve since 1986, the fish are therefore plentiful and you will be able to observe very large specimens.

Some of our favourite sites...

  • The Grotta Azzurra in Taormina
  • Atlantis Bay in Taormina
  • Isola Bella marine park
  • Secca della Columbara in Ustica

Diving sites for your Greece yacht charter

The stunning islands, exciting dive sites and warm clear waters of the Cyclades attract divers all year round. The Aegean Sea has a fabulous marine life with a delightful collection of groupers, seabreams, octopus, cuttlefish as well as sponges and nudibranchs. Santorini is quite a unique spot for scuba diving because of its volcanic activity. The island of Kea is home to a real aquarium with many species of fish. Some of the best scuba diving sites in the Cyclades include the Dragonisi Island Caverns in Mykonos and the HMHS Britannic in Kea which was discovered in 1975 by French explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Other interesting dive locations for your Greece yacht rental include Crete and Chios.

Some of our favourite sites...

  • The wreck of the HMHS Britannic in Kea
  • Nea Kameni in Santorini
  • The Dragonisi Island Caverns in Mykonos

Diving sites for your Sardinia yacht charter

Every year Sardinia attracts divers of all levels looking to explore its fabulous underwater life, its unique caves and historic wrecks. The best diving spots in Sardinia are located on the north and east coasts and within the archipelago of La Maddalena. There you will find crystal clear waters and a rich marine life. Sardinia also boasts some of the world's best cave diving such as the famous Grotta del Nereo, a series of caves and tunnels stretching over more than 350 metres. During your dives you will have the opportunity to observe shoals of Mediterranean fish species as well as rays and octopuses, nudibranchs and all kinds of corals. If you are lucky you may even spot dolphins on your Sardinia yacht charter!

Some of our favourite sites...

  • Grotta di Nereo in Capo Caccia
  • The Tavolara marine reserve
  • The Bue Marino Caves in Orosei Gulf

Diving sites for your Balearics yacht charter

In Spain, the Balearic Islands have nearly 80 dive sites. Whether your Balearics yacht charter takes you to the outskirts of Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza or Formentera, your Captain will be able to recommend the best diving places nearby. Off the islands of Mallorca and Menorca you will find spectacular caves with various rock formations. In Ibiza there are underwater caverns, caves and vertical walls as well as beautiful wrecks. As for the national parks, the famous El Toro marine reserve has one of the richest underwater ecosystems in the Mediterranean and you can expect to spot groupers, amberjacks, tunas, barracudas as well as nudibranchs and octopuses.

Some of our favourite sites...
  • Jeronimo in Mallorca
  • Cabrera national park
  • Pont d’En Gil in Menorca
  • The Cave of Light in Ibiza

Diving sites for your Croatia yacht charter

With its many islands scattered throughout the Adriatic, Croatia boasts a huge amount of dive sites and is slowly building up a reputation. Dotted with numerous caves, grottoes, canyons, reefs as well as WWI and WWII wrecks, the Balkan country is a diver’s dream. One of the most famous sites is the Blue Grotto off the island of Bisevo. This spectacular sea cave offers excellent visibility and you will likely spot octopuses, scorpionfishes and lobsters. The show of light and water is absolutely breathtaking and like nowhere else. If your Croatia yacht charter itinerary takes you to the island of Permuda, make sure you explore the Cathedral dive site. This network of interconnected caves probably offers the most beautiful underwater scenery and richest marine life in Croatia.

Some of our favourite sites...

  • The Blue Grotto in Bisevo
  • The Lucice Cave in Brac
  • The wreck of the Taranto in Dubrovnik
  • Te Vega in Korcula

Diving sites for your Italian Riviera yacht charter

With its steep relief and countless underwater canyons, Liguria is one of the best places in Italy for diving. If you are lucky enough to visit famous Portofino during your Italian Riviera yacht charter, don't miss the chance to dive into the bay of San Fruttuoso to discover the immersed statue of Christ in the Abyss. Accessible to all levels, this dive is quite magical - and provides a great alternative to the usual shopping in the famous seaside village! Advanced divers will be offered the possibility to explore the cave system and discover wrecks from WWII. The bay of Portofino is in fact a protected marine park and therefore boasts a rich variety of aquatic fauna and flora.

Some of our favourite sites...

  • Christ of the Abyss in San Fruttuoso

Diving sites for your Turkey yacht charter

Turkey has a considerable number of marine protected areas. Among them is the tiny fishing village of Kas, which is one of the best destinations for scuba diving in Turkey. With its warm clear waters, spectacular reliefs, ancient treasures and rich marine life, Kas attracts divers from all over the world looking for unspoiled peaceful sites. During your dives, you can expect to spot octopuses, rays, nudibranchs as well as moray eels and turtles. Bodrum also has some interesting sites, including several large shipwrecks and some aircrafts. For now, diving is just an emerging industry in the country, so don't wait any longer to book your Turkey yacht charter on the Turkish Riviera.

Some of our favourite sites...

  • The big reef in Bodrum
  • Aladdin’s cave in Fethiye  
  • The wreck of the Dakota plane in Kas
For more information about the best places for scuba diving during a Mediterranean yacht charter contact Talamare. Our yacht charter planners will recommend the best diving destination and design your bespoke yacht charter holiday. If you would like more detailed information about diving in the Mediterranean, we suggest that you visit the PADI website.