Top 5 iconic anchorages for your yacht charter in Italy


With its stunning coastline, Italy remains one of the best Mediterranean yacht charter destinations. During your yachting vacation and while at anchor, you will enjoy spectacular views over Italian seaside towns, olive and lemon groves, rugged cliffs or dazzling beaches… A yacht charter in Italy will surprise you at every corner. Here we gather our 5 favourite Italian mooring spots.

Aerial view of the colourful marina of Portofino in Italy with yachts moored in the port
The anchorage of Passo Cecca di Morto in Italy, where many yachts drop anchor


Portofino is undoubtedly the capital of glamorous yachting in Italy. Entering the marina will leave you with a particularly memorable memory of your Italian Riviera yacht charter. With its traditional Ligurian pastel coloured houses and green hillside, the fishing village has retained all its charm. Take a walk to the main piazzetta for a drink or dinner on an enchanting terrace. Shopping addicts will stroll along the Via Roma which boasts many designer shops.

Passo Cecca di Morto

Make sure you don’t miss this Caribbean-style anchorage during your yacht charter in Italy! With its turquoise lagoons and granite rock formations, the Maddalena archipelago is of spectacular beauty. The nearby Budelli beach is ideal for an afternoon of relaxation while snorkelling enthusiasts will be delighted by the crystal-clear waters of this protected national park.
The marina of Porto Cervo in Sardinia at nightfall with moored yachts
The idyllic Marina Piccola anchorage in Capri, Italy, with yachts at anchor

Porto Cervo

Once a small Sardinian fishing village, Porto Cervo has become a glamorous holiday destination in the 1960s under the initiative of Karim Aga Khan IV. Despite the numerous high-end boutiques and restaurants, the historic center has kept a picturesque charm with its typical Gallura architecture. Porto Cervo is a must-stop for any Sardinia yacht charter and you will enjoy a unique atmosphere where refinement and elegance blend together.

Marina Piccola

This magnificent bay, located at the bottom of the highest mountain in Capri, offers superb views of the sea and the limestone rock formations of the Faraglioni. According to Greek mythology, it was in this bay that the sirens sang to seduce Ulysses. The beaches nestled in the bay attract people in summer but the place remains a great anchorage spot for a day of yacht charter around Capri island.
View on the beach of Cala di Luna with its rocky cavities in the gulf of Orosei in Sardinia
Blank picture

Cala di Luna

Probably the most beautiful of all.... You can anchor there during your Sardinia yacht charter but only in good weather. Cala Luna is located at the bottom of a chain of limestone mountains plunging into the sea. Its beautiful beach boasts seven gigantic caves that the sun penetrates in the early morning, while the stingrays swirl under the hull. Absolutely stunning!
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