15 good reasons to choose Italy for your next yacht charter


Italy… the pinnacle of romance, culinary excellence, and architectural savoir-faire. There are plenty of things to experience, see and do in Italy and we can only urge you to discover this beautiful yacht charter destination. Why? Italian landscapes are as varied as they are beautiful. Many of the greatest artists the world has ever known were born in Italy. The Italian gastronomy ranks among the best in the world. Italy has the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites… and the list can go on and on… To give you a clearer picture, here are 15 (good) reasons to finally book that yacht charter in Italy.



Boasting the longest coastline in Europe, Italy offers many possibilities for a yacht charter. Italy's regions are diverse, each with its own identity and with regional variations in cultural heritage, including language, cuisine and traditions. According to your preferences and needs, your yacht charter planner will advise you on the most suitable destination for your yacht charter in Italy. From the white sandy beaches of Sardinia to the picturesque villages of Cinque Terre and the volcanic landscapes of the Aeolians, there is a destination for everyone in Italy!

Legendary cities

Italian cities are among the oldest in the world. Indeed, the Romans were the first to develop urban planning as they embraced the importance of cities in maintaining economic and political order as well as expanding their culture. From the north to the south, Italy abounds with magnificent cities such as Rome, Venice, Milan, Genoa, Florence, Naples, Cagliari, Palermo or Sienna – each with its very own heritage and character. Take advantage of your yacht rental in Italy to discover these legendary cities!

… and villages

Italy boasts a multitude of seaside villages with charming, winding streets, colourful Mediterranean houses and an unparalleled coastal vibe. Among our favourites are the villages of Manarola, Amalfi and Positano. When you rent a yacht in Italy, make sure you spend some time ashore to explore these picturesque villages. The people are usually friendly, the scenery is charming and you will find delicious restaurants serving an authentic Italian cuisine.


Italy has over 450 islands including sea and lake islands. Sicily, Elba and Sardinia are almost like countries in their own right, with their distinct languages, landscapes and traditions. Some of these islands are more popular than others like the world-famous island of Capri, which attracts a large number of celebrities - and yachts - every summer. Capri as well as Ischia, Elba and the Aeolian islands are popular with yacht charterers who seek charm, authenticity, beaches and stunning seaside landscapes.


From north to south, Italy's coastline is lined with many beaches of very different styles: white sand, black sand, pebbles, wild stretches or crowded coves.. For those who dream of paradisiac beaches, head for Sardinia and the turquoise waters of the Maddalena archipelago. Whatever your destination, your Captain will take you to discover superb beaches and anchorages during your yacht rental in Italy.

Postcard views

Embarking on a yacht charter in Italy guarantees spectacular panoramas. Admiring the coast and seaside villages from the sea is a truly unique experience as it offers a completely different perspective. The Cinque Terre and Amalfi Coast are considered to be the most beautiful coastal areas in the entire world and we can promise you that there will be no disappointment…


With its postcard landscapes, Italy turns sunsets into a magical experience. The moment is all the more unique when it is experienced at sea, on board a charter yacht, with a delicious cocktail and some antipasti. Among our favorite sunsets, the Cinque Terre sunset. The reflections of the light on the villages, suspended on the hillside, are absolutely sensational.


Italy is the birthplace of the civilization of Ancient Rome but it is also the cradle of the Renaissance and Baroque. It comes as no surprise that Italy remains the world's leading destination for cultural holidays and that its heritage is second to none. Italy abounds in architectural and archaeological wonders from different eras: villas and gardens, breathtaking cathedrals, Roman ruins, Greek theatres, temples, Bronze Age remains... If you have an interest in history, art and architecture, you will be spoiled for choice on the sites to visit during your yacht rental in Italy.

UNESCO sites

Italy is home to the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites. The sites range from prehistoric rock paintings to the famous Tower of Pisa, Villa Adriana, the Amalfi Coast and Mount Etna. They are a perfect reflection of the country's unparalleled historical, cultural and natural heritage. If you are planning a yacht rental on the Amalfi Coast, we strongly suggest you visit the fascinating site of Pompeii. To find out more about the UNESCO sites to discover when you charter a yacht in the Mediterranean, click here.


From landmarks such as St. Peter’s Basilica to pocket old churches in villages, Italy's churches are as diverse as they are beautiful. Italy's unique location and its history have made the country a crossroads of visions and cultures for thousands of years. Therefore, you will find churches of Gothic, Byzantine, Renaissance style... When you rent a yacht in Italy, don't forget to push the door of these churches as they are often full of treasures (paintings, sculptures, stained glass windows, relics etc).


Italians are often praised for their friendliness. During your yacht rental in Italy, you will have a number of opportunities to meet and bond with the locals: restaurant, beach, wine tour… While usually loud and frankly quite food-obsessed, Italians have a respectful approach to tourists and we find them both helpful and friendly. Italian hospitality is another good reason to rent a yacht in Italy!

Food scene

It is impossible to compile a list of good reasons to charter a yacht in Italy, without mentioning the food. Italian cuisine is reputed to be one of the best in the world - generous, tasty and colourful - and is an integral part of the country's culture. Each region has its own specialities and they are all more delicious than the other: polenta, stews, pasta, seafood, pizza... When you charter a yacht in Italy, venture ashore to taste the local cuisine in an authentic restaurant.


Few countries offer such a wide range of wines. With over 350 grape varieties, Italy is a true paradise for wine lovers. Many of the vineyards produce on a small scale and most of them are still family-owned. Wine tasting is actually a very popular activity when renting a yacht in Italy. Some regions such as Tuscany have made it their tourist highlight.


Italy is renowned for the quality of its production and its elegant design. Italian haute-couture brands such as Gucci, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana and Valentino are world-renowned. As a reminder, Italy is also home to the capital of fashion: Milan. During your stay in Italy, you will certainly discover many small Italian brands with well-tailored clothes but also beautiful shoes, swimwear collections and jewellery. Take advantage of your yacht rental in Italy to make a few shopping stops!

La dolce vita

Despite being used in many countries around the world, the expression “la dolce vita” comes from Italy and originally refers to a famous movie by Federico Fellini. In a more popular way, la dolce vita describes a sweet way of life, enjoying life to the fullest, savouring every moment of life. Rent a yacht in Italy and find out yourself about the meaning of la dolce vita!

Hard to resist, isn't it? Hard to resist, isn't it? If you would like to receive a personalised proposal for a yacht rental in Italy, please contact our team of yacht charter planners. We hope to have the pleasure of organising your next yacht charter in Italy.