Top 10 things to do and see in Santorini during your yacht charter


Take advantage of your Greece yacht charter in the Cyclades to discover the glorious island of Santorini.  The small volcanic archipelago captivates yacht charterers with its legendary beauty: villages with white and blue shades, cliffs plunging into the sea, magnificent sunsets as well as black sand beaches and crystal-clear waters. Santorini is full of things to see and do during a yacht rental: swimming and snorkeling, romantic walks, hiking, boat cruises, shopping... Here is a summary of the best things to do during your next yacht charter in Santorini.

Fira, the capital of Santorini, with its whitewashed houses and mills under a beautiful blue sky
A footpath linking Fira and Oia, one of the best things to do in Santorini

Explore Oia

A charming village located on the northwestern coast of the island, Oia offers a real postcard setting with its whitewashed houses, windmills and small churches with bright blue domes. Don't forget to take the iconic picture of the three domes. In Oia, you will also find lots of small shops and art galleries - take a look at the Atlantis bookstore. Make sure you get lost in the maze of alleys to enjoy breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. Oia is a hotspot for those looking for a spectacular sunset!


Pull on your hiking shoes and follow the trail that connects the villages of Oia and Fira. Via Imerovigli, the walk is about 10 kilometres long, and winds along the coast with many panoramic views of the bay. Built on a rocky spur, Fira is the main village of the island and impresses by its architecture. In Fira, reach the old port of Santorini, accessible on foot by descending a 600-step gradient or by cable car – just avoid riding a donkey. We take this opportunity to mention that Fira has Santorini’s best nightlife with buzzing bars and clubs to get you through the night.
A luxury charter yacht at anchor at sunset
The Red Beach with its red volcanic cliffs and turquoise waters on the island of Santorini in Greece

Enjoy a sunset from the deck of your yacht

 We often hear that Santorini is the best place in the world to enjoy a sunset.  It is true that the views on the caldera are absolutely extraordinary. Every evening, crowds of people gather in the villages of Oia, Fira and Imerovigli to admire this magnificent show with its unique colours. This is THE must-see moment that you shouldn't miss. Have you ever seen a delirious crowd clapping when the sun disappears? We have.

Go to the Red Beach

In the south of the island, near the village of Akrotiri, there is a surprisingly beautiful beach that owes its name to the impressive red cliffs that surround it.  You can access it by a small path, in the middle of which rocks have collapsed, so remember to put on proper shoes. Walking along the shoreline, you can access the white beach with its pebbles and impressive cliffs. The place is worth a visit but we recommend you go back to your chartered yacht for the swim – the beach gets crowded in the summer!

The island of Nea Kameni in the centre of the caldera of Santorini
The archaeological site of Akrotiri on the island of Santorini in Greece

Visit the Nea Kameni Natural Geological Park

Several sightseeing tours on the island will take you to the volcano, from there you will need to take a short 10-minute walk to reach the summit and see the crater. From the top of the volcano, you can admire superb views. The volcano is still active and its last eruption dates back to 1950. As a result of the existence of molten rock, fumaroles emerge from the volcano.  After this visit, some tours will take you to the island of Palaia Kameni, famous for its hot springs and mud baths.

Step back in time in Akrotiri

The Akrotiri excavations have uncovered one of the most important prehistoric settlements in the Aegean Sea dating back to the 4th millennium BC. Some call the site the " Greek Pompei ". Geologists estimate that the volcano erupted in 1614 BC, covering the entire coastal city with lava. Today, you can stroll around the streets of ancient Akrotiri to see the buildings, houses, squares and mills, all very well preserved as they have long remained covered by volcanic mounds. Akrotiri is an impressive site that will delight archaeology enthusiasts.

Some typical dishes of the island of Santorini
The bay of Amoudi and its small fishing port

Taste the local gastronomy

During your yacht charter in Santorini, don't miss the opportunity to taste local specialities as the island is famous for its cooking! We recommend you try fava, a yellow lentil puree, or tomatokeftédès, delicious tomato croquettes. Santorini is also the leading producer of white wine in Greece and its vineyard is known to be one of the oldest in the world. The main grape varieties are assirtiko (a semi-dry, rather fruity wine) and aidani (a sweet wine with a floral scent).

Head to Amoudi bay for lunch

If your cruising itinerary allows, we recommend that you anchor in Amoudi Bay at the bottom of Oia. It is the ideal place to have lunch during your yacht charter in Santorini. The bay is famous for its Greek taverns serving authentic dishes made with fresh local fish. Here no fuss but excellent fresh ingredients on the plate and a superb setting by the water. Among our favorite taverns: Dimitris Ammoudi Taverna and Katina Taverna.
The unspoiled island of Thirassia a few nautical miles from Santorini
A sporty motor yacht cruising along the coast of Santorini

Discover the island of Thirassia

In total contrast to Santorini, the island of Thirassia is remote, unspoilt and almost tourist-free. In comparison with Santorini's modern vibe, Thirassia will seem outdated and yet it is this same reason that makes it so charming. On Thirassia you will find beautiful beaches and hot springs that you can visit. In addition, there are also some good Greek restaurants and authentic craft shops.

Rent a yacht in Santorini

As all those who have done it will tell you, cruising around Santorini on a yacht is the best way to enjoy this extraordinary island. From the sea, the island takes on its volcano appearance and you can admire the majestic cliffs as well as the white villages, perched on the hillsides. If you rent a yacht for several days you will have the pleasure of admiring one of the most magnificent sunsets in the Mediterranean. Santorini also offers great diving and snorkelling spots, an activity you can enjoy during your Santorini yacht rental.
Chartering a yacht in Santorini is a truly memorable experience and every charter guest will find something to their taste, whatever their age or interests. For more information on renting a yacht in Santorini and the Cyclades, make sure you read our yacht cruising destination guide available online.