The ultimate summer cocktails for your yacht charter


Here is our list of the best summer cocktails for your next yacht charter. Some drinks just get you in the mood! There is that drink you have when you come home from work, the drink you have when you visit your local bar, there is your favourite winter brewing and your summer holiday concoction, the one you will want to sip while you are cruising on a Mediterranean yacht charter. There are drinks that clearly say SUMMER. The ice, the garnish, the flavours, the colours… 


Once again, mojito tops the list of the favourite cocktails of yacht charterers. Originally from Cuba, the Mojito became popular worldwide in the 1980s. The standard version contains rum, soda, lime, sugar and mint leaves. Some bartenders add a twist with juices or fresh fruits. The mix of lime and mint makes this cocktail very refreshing.


This Mexican old favourite cocktail is made of tequila, triple sec and lime. It is served in a specific glass often lined with salt or sugar. Very refreshing and sweet, this cocktail is ideal during the summer months.  


Brazil’s most popular cocktail consists of cachaca, lime and sugar over ice. Easy-to-make, the Caipirinha was initially used with honey as a remedy against the flu! This very intense drink is prized by yacht charterers.


Negroni is an Italian cocktail. Its history dates back to the 1920s when Earl Camillo Negroni, a true Americano fanatic, suggested to a bartender in Florence that the sparkling water should be replaced by gin. Negroni is great drink both before and after dinner when served as a digestif. The recipe is quite simple: 1/3 campari, 1/3 sweet vermouth, 1/3 gin.

Mai Tai

Open your paper umbrella and set sail on an ocean of rum with this classic Tiki drink. The Mai Tai consists of good rum, fresh lime juice and orgeat syrup. Its name may sound Polynesian, but Mai Tai is actually a Californian cocktail.
Now that you’re familiar with the top yacht drinks, browse our website to discover more about our yacht charter world. If you’re planning to enjoy some specific cocktails during your yacht charter, don’t forget to mention it on your preference list.