Top tips for a successful family yacht charter with children


For many of our clients, chartering a yacht is not only a luxury holiday, it is above all a chance to slow down and reconnect with their family. Indeed, with our fast-paced lives and busy work schedules, family time, although very precious, can sometimes be sidelined. Getting together with your family for a holiday on a yacht offers a real boost to inter-generational relationships! Yacht charters have rightfully gained a reputation for being the most exciting and memorable holiday experiences one can enjoy. They provide a fantastic way to spend quality time with your loved ones, offering luxury, privacy and flexibility with a variety of activities for all ages. For children, a yacht charter is a true life experience associated with new discoveries and learning. Ready for the adventure? Below are some useful tips to get you started on planning your next family yacht charter holiday...

PICK A KID-FRIENDLY destination and cruising itinerary

When planning a family yacht charter holiday, the choice of destination is of particular importance. Indeed, yachting destinations are more or less suitable for families. From experience, a good destination for a cruise with young children should include great anchorage areas to enjoy swimming and water sports as well as beautiful beaches and some on shore activities or cultural attractions. Variety is the key to ensuring that kids have maximum fun! If you are considering a family yacht charter in the south of France, you can check our article on what to do with kids on a French Riviera family yacht rental.

Among the highlights of a family boat trip with children, there is of course the opportunity to observe marine life, from fish and sea turtles on a snorkeling expedition to dolphin or whale sightings while cruising. A family charter will certainly create memories to last for a lifetime and will also allow your kids to learn about the marine world and appreciate the importance of preserving the environment. A destination with significant wildlife is always a good choice, as most children love animals!

As far as the cruising itinerary is concerned, we suggest keeping the distances short and making it possible to spend time on land every day. If you tend to prefer to spend the night at anchor, keep in mind that a combination of nights in port and nights at anchor may be an interesting option if your children like to stretch their legs and run around.

Depending on your preferences and the age of your children, our team will advise on the best destination and itinerary for your family yacht charter.

Select the right yacht for your family charter vacation

Choosing the right boat will be a major factor in the success of your family yacht charter. Not all charter yachts are kid-friendly, but an increasing number of owners have made significant efforts to ensure that their boats develop a reputation for being family-friendly.

A key starting point for a family-friendly yacht is the crew. It is important that your crew likes to engage with children whether to play, to teach them water sports or to educate them about life on a boat and the marine world. Some of the activities often offered by crew members and popular with kids include fishing, a beach treasure hunt, a pirate-themed evening or a movie night under the stars.

The yacht layout is also important to ensure that everyone on board is given the appropriate space and privacy. Some parents will want the master cabin to be next to the children's cabin. Other parents may want an extra cabin for a nanny etc.

Family-friendly yachts will also have the necessary safety equipment for babies and toddlers, such as gates and safety nets to give you peace of mind.

Finally, you might also want to check the selection of water toys and make sure that there are toys on board that are suitable for your children. The more toys the better!

Based on your requirements and the age of your children, our team will advise on the most suitable yachts for your family yacht charter.

Assess your expectations as parents

A family yacht charter holiday to relax and recharge your batteries... Yes, but beware...

Under no circumstances can the crew play the role of a parent or a nanny. In fact, charter agreements clearly state that children must remain under the supervision of an adult of the charter party at all times. Safety on a boat is a very serious matter. If you want to take the burden of constantly looking after your children off your shoulders, feel free to bring your regular nanny on board or consult our yacht charter specialists about getting an extra nanny on board.

Prepare your kids for this adventure

Getting your kids involved in discussions as early as possible is the best way to prepare them and get them excited about your family yacht charter.

Give them background information on the destination, what they will be able to do and see... Explain how things on board a boat at sea will be different from a more traditional land-based holiday...

You can also gather their thoughts on what they will want to do, try etc. to advise the crew.

You will find that a yacht charter is a true educational experience for children with plenty of opportunities to explore and learn.

Be sure to pack their essentials

Most kids look for familiar items when they are away from home. It may be a good idea to have them pick some of their favourite toys and books to bring along on the boat.

As for the rest of the luggage, make sure you take some hats, UV protective clothing but also shoes for water and a windbreaker if needed. And don't forget their usual sunscreen to protect their skin!

It may also be worth bringing medicine that are suitable for your children and that they are used to taking in case they need them.

Remember to list their favourite snacks on your preference questionnaire. This will allow the crew to stock the galley with their preferred treats. The steady fresh air at sea can really work up an appetite!

If you are considering a family yacht charter holiday and would like further information and assistance, please get in touch with us.

Our yacht charter planners will ensure full tailoring to your family's needs, taking into account all generations, eliminating any stress and providing the detail needed for such an important vacation.

Your next family yacht charter adventure starts here.