How is the coronavirus (covid-19) crisis affecting Mediterranean yacht charters?


Like many industries related to tourism and leisure, the Mediterranean yacht charter business has been heavily affected by the effects of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. While a few lucky people were able to escape to seas for an isolation charter, most yacht charters so far have been either cancelled or postponed. For the past several weeks and in view of the high level of uncertainty, we have had to discourage our clients from considering immediate yacht charter bookings because the right thing to do was to stay home and to comply as strictly as possible with the measures taken by the various governments around the world. The effects of these measures are slowly beginning to have an impact and some countries are in the process of easing their restrictions for the first time. It is still far too early to know when the season will finally kick off in the Mediterranean, but we can look forward to better days and we thought we should answer some of the most frequently asked questions about a Mediterranean yacht charter and coronavirus (Covid-19).


Is a yacht a safe place to spend my summer vacation?

During this challenging period of lockdown, many people dream of an escape and hope to be able to enjoy some quality time during their summer holidays. Although it is important to keep in mind that no travel is truly risk-free, a yacht charter is probably much safer than a hotel stay. For most of our clients, the protected and hygienic environment offered by a luxury yacht seems to be the ideal setting for reuniting with family and friends. On a yacht, social interactions are limited, fresh air and sunshine can be enjoyed all day long, water-based activities can be experienced, self-sufficiency can be achieved… Not to mention, the enjoyment of discovering new landscapes every day and having a crew to pamper you. As for how your yacht charter will unfold, you will probably spend more time relaxing in secluded bays than on land strolling around or enjoying the beach restaurants. If you like being active, we recommend that you choose a boat with a good selection of water toys to keep you entertained.

The industry is taking protective measures very seriously and boat owners as well as crew members are currently being briefed about health and safety protocols in order to keep everyone safe onboard. In particular, we can expect crew members to be checked for temperature and regular deep cleaning with sanitizing agent to be carried out on board.

What is the cancellation policy if I decide to charter a yacht for this summer?

If the standard MYBA charter agreement does not provide for coronavirus (Covid-19), an addendum is now available to give the charterer the ability to postpone or cancel the charter should the coronavirus (Covid-19) affect the cruising area or prevent the charterer from travelling to the boat due to travel restrictions. The exact terms are discussed on a case-by-case basis with individual yacht owners and usually allow for a full refund or postponement of the charter dates. Your yacht charter planner will help you conduct all the required negotiations to secure your preferred yacht with flexible terms and a reduced risk. We have your best interests at heart and are here to guide you and to give you peace of mind when arranging your booking.

Which destination should I choose for my yacht charter?

Our team of yacht charter planners keeps up to date with the latest developments in order to best inform our clients on possible destinations for their charters. While the major yachting destinations in the Mediterranean, such as France, Italy and Spain, plan to start lifting lockdown restrictions by mid-May, there is still a real concern about the possibility of reaching the locations associated to travel restrictions and border closures. Depending on the new developments, your home country and travel possibilities, we will advise on the most convenient destination for your Mediterranean yacht charter.

For our American clients, who usually spend their summer in the Mediterranean but would prefer to avoid long distance travel this year, we can advise them on yacht options in the Caribbean or the Bahamas.


Boats have been stranded in ports or shipyards for many weeks and Captains and crew members are looking forward to setting sail again. While our team is ready for a resumption of activity with an expected increase in the number of charters for the latter half of the summer, the situation will ultimately depend on travel regulations and the opening of borders.

For further information and guidance regarding chartering a yacht in the Mediterranean during the coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis, please contact our team by email using or by phone at +33 787 482 650.