Cannes yacht charter guide


During your Cannes yacht charter, you will discover one of the most beautiful coastal regions of the Mediterranean and a very popular yachting destination. Cannes offers much more than an alignment of designer boutiques, luxurious hotels and private beach clubs. Take advantage of your Cannes yacht rental to enjoy a more nuanced and attractive discovery of one of the French Riviera's most iconic seaside resorts. Whether you are on a day boat hire or stopping in Cannes as part of a weekly French Riviera yacht charter, there is plenty of things to keep yacht charterers busy. Our team unveils the essential attractions to discover or rediscover the area during your Cannes yacht hire.

Stroll through the narrow streets of Le Suquet

Just like every Mediterranean village, Cannes was originally built on a hill to prevent enemy attacks. A relic of this distant era, the Suquet district, with its narrow streets and colourful houses, has kept the character of a typical Provençal village. Take a stroll through this old district and immerse yourself in the city's authentic atmosphere. If you make it to the top, you will be able to admire a beautiful panorama of the bay and the Lerins islands.
A street of Cannes old district Le Suquet during the summer
La Môme beach restaurant in Cannes

Lunch under the sun

The bay of Cannes is peppered with restaurants and lunch on the beach, facing the sea, is an absolute must. We particularly recommend La Môme Plage, 3.14 and ZPlage by Martinez. Recent development work has increased the stretch of sand and therefore the beach club facilities are better than ever. Maybe not as brilliant as a lunch on the deck of your yacht prepared by your private chef but trust us it's a very good experience!

Take a walk on La Croisette

La Croisette is one of the most famous waterfront promenades in the world. Lined with palm trees and spanning over 3km, La Croisette offers a variety of attractions: legendary hotels, casinos, luxury boutiques, exclusive beach clubs, gardens and yacht marinas. Once a sandy marshy path, the municipality of Cannes conceived the project to develop La Croisette when tourism started to flourish in the 19th century.
Cartier boutique and Carlton hotel on La Croisette in Cannes
The local market

Visit the local market

Every morning, apart from Mondays, the Forville Market is held in the popular and historic heart of Cannes. Stroll through the stalls, talk to the local producers and whet your appetite with a piece of socca! This speciality from Nice is made from chickpeas and can be enjoyed just out of the oven. The products are of high quality and even some yacht crew stock up!

Enjoy a cocktail on a rooftop

Just like in New York or Paris, rooftops are sprouting up in Cannes. The rooftop of the Radisson Blu Hotel is undoubtedly the ideal place for drinks with a view. The terrace offers breathtaking views over the Lerins islands, the Esterel massif and the entire bay of Cannes. The 3.14 Hotel also boasts a lovely spot. If you don't drink too much and focus for a while, you might be able to spot your very own charter yacht!
Night view of the Radisson Blu hotel rooftop bar in Cannes
The terrace of the Baoli club and restaurant during a summer party in Cannes

Party all night

In the summer, Cannes becomes a popular destination for party lovers. Cocktail lounges, wine bars, nightclubs and other pop-up venues contribute to its vibrant nightlife. Bâoli is one of the emblematic clubs in Cannes. Among the other great spots to keep in mind, the Gotha, which welcomes international house and techno headliners.

Embark on a journey to the islands

Enjoy a radical change of scenery with a yacht cruise to the Lerins islands, two islets in the bay of Cannes. For swimming and snorkelling enthusiasts, this is the ideal yacht anchorage spot. Ile Saint-Honorat shelters an abbey where about 30 Cistercian monks live in total tranquillity. The island has beautiful vegetation and vines as the monks produce wine (over 40,000 bottles per year!). The restaurant La Tonnelle offers a superb setting for lunch. If you want a more sophisticated restaurant, head for the neighbouring island of Sainte-Marguerite and the restaurant La Guérite. Don't miss this incredible place when you rent a yacht in Cannes, France. 
A superb panorama of the Abbey of Lérins on the Ile Saint-Honorat in Cannes
A yacht cruising during a Cannes yacht charter

Rent a yacht in Cannes

If you’re landing on this page but still hesitating about a yacht charter in Cannes, we can assure you renting a boat in Cannes must definitely appear on your bucket list. Cannes is the home port of some of the Mediterranean’s best motor yachts and sailing boats available on the charter market. The surroundings are perfect for a day tour and especially the Lerins Islands with their dazzling blue waters.  If you’re interested in a week charter, Cannes makes for an ideal starting point for a south of France yacht rental. Most of the charterers also decide to make a stopover in Cannes when renting a boat for a week on the French Riviera. 
Check out our curated selection of the best yachts available for a Cannes yacht charter. Looking for more information to rent a boat in Cannes? Contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have..  We’re here to assist with your Cannes yacht rental and make your yachting holiday MEMORABLE!
Photo credit: La Môme Plage / Radisson Blu 1835 / Bâoli Cannes / Absolute Yachts