Top 5 tips for a successful French Riviera yacht charter


Chartering a yacht on the French Riviera is something you have to do at least once in your life. The south of France is the preferred cruising destination for first-time charterers because it offers a great diversity of landscapes, navigation plans and activities. The lifestyle is pleasant, the weather is mild, the people are welcoming and the food is excellent. In fact, many yacht charterers keep returning year after year. Are you thinking of trying a unique experience by choosing the French Riviera as the destination for your next yachting holiday?  To have the best possible charter on the French Riviera and retain precious memories, here are some tips to follow.

Top 5 tips for a successful French Riviera yacht charter
Top 5 tips for a successful French Riviera yacht charter
Top 5 tips for a successful French Riviera yacht charter
Top 5 tips for a successful French Riviera yacht charter

Secure your french riviera yacht charter early

The French Riviera is a popular destination for summer yacht charter holidays. If you want to charter a yacht on the Côte d'Azur in July or August and have as much choice as possible in your options, it is essential to book early. Start inquiring about the different options as early as February. You will then have an idea of the yachts available for charter, the prices but also the cruising itinerary that awaits: Cannes, St Tropez, Antibes, Nice, Villefranche-sur-mer... Each city on the French Riviera has its own charm and will seduce you with its beauty, colours and culture.

Prefer the shoulder season for your French Riviera yacht charter

Let's face it, the south of France is a year-round destination for chartering a yacht. If the months of July and August are very popular with tourists, it is because it is school holidays and the weather is superb. Chartering a yacht may well help you escape the crowds on land and enjoy more tranquillity, but you will meet many tourists at each stopover. The influx of tourists including yacht charterers has a clear impact on several things, including mooring possibilities in ports and restaurant reservations. Don't worry, though, your charter planner and Captain will be able to offer you alternatives whatever the circumstances. But bear in mind that the period July 15 - August 15 is known to be the busiest. If your schedule allows, we advise you to book your yacht charter in September. The temperatures are just as pleasant and there are far less crowds.  June is also a very pleasant month in terms of temperatures, but the sea is not as warm and this could limit the number of swims as well as the pleasure of using the yacht's water toys.

Plan your French Riviera cruising itinerary (but stay flexible!)

There are so many things to do and see on a French Riviera yacht charter holiday... Depending on the duration of your yacht rental, your charter planner will recommend the best option for your cruising itinerary. Our charter planners know the region inside out and will guide you according to your preferences. Looking to be at the heart of the summer action? Head to St Tropez. Seeking tranquillity and peace of mind? Villefranche-sur-mer might be your option. Once approved, the itinerary will be communicated to your Captain. However, don't be stuck with the initial plan. Sometimes during a French Riviera yacht charter, the weather can dictate the program. Some anchorages, for example, can be wonderful in some conditions and appalling in others. Your charter planner as well as your crew want to give you and your guests the best yacht charter holiday.

Spend time ashore during your south of France yacht charter

Some yacht charterers are reluctant to spend time ashore because they want to make the most of the luxurious environment of their chartered boat. But the French Riviera is full of treasures and they truly deserve a short tender sail. Whether you want to feel the Provencal atmosphere of St Tropez, go shopping in Cannes or visit a museum in Nice, your charter planner will recommend the best activities according to your interests. Something you must try is lunch on the beach. Whether on an island in Cannes, in the bay of Cap Ferrat or on the famous beach of Pampelonne, the French Riviera beach clubs have a good vibe and gorgeous decors. Give your Chef some time off to taste the local cuisine ashore. Best of all, the views over the sea and…. your chartered yacht!

Venture into the French Riviera countryside

If the coastal towns of the south of France have their charm, we strongly recommend that you take a trip to the hinterland to discover a more authentic French Riviera. Among the most beautiful villages in the region, our favourites are Mougins, Valbonne, Saint-Paul-de-Vence and Lorgues. In addition to the Provencal charm, you will find some very good restaurants and boutiques. Visiting the countryside offers a very beautiful contrast to the seaside scenery. While the places are quieter and less crowded than Cannes, St Tropez or Antibes, they remain very touristy. Your charter planner will be able to organise the transport in coordination with your Captain so you can explore these enchanting south of France villages.
The French Riviera is a dream yacht charter destination and will delight those who experience it. The beauty of its landscapes, the charm of its cities, the diversity of its activities and the luxury of its venues make it one of the leading yachting destinations in the world. Ready to book your next yacht charter on the French Riviera? Contact us today to start planning.