Family friendly yacht charter

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Everyone knows that family vacations aren’t always relaxing but chartering a yacht can be a fabulous family holiday experience. We will help take the hassle out and make your family yacht charter an enjoyable holiday for everyone.

At Talamare, we are experts in organising tailor-made family-friendly yacht charters across the Mediterranean. Whether you are taking a holiday with little ones, teens or older generations, we can arrange an exciting yacht charter adventure that will be just right for you. Our charter planners will take into consideration each member of your family, of all ages, to give you the best recommendations as regards to the choice of the vessel and the destination.

The yachts we offer in this collection have been selected for their great set-up with space to fit everyone comfortably and their family-friendly crew. Some of them have extra features which can be interesting for family charters such as hydraulic swimming platforms, stabilisers at anchor, child-barriers, water toys…

Some of our clients ask us if it’s a good idea to take kids on a yacht charter. Our answer is very simple: kids love being on water. Consider a yacht as a fun but no less safe environment which will instil a sense of curiosity and amazement among your children. And we understand that when your children are cheerful, this gives you the best opportunity to chill out and unwind. The only thing that matters really is to get the planning right and that’s where we come in.

Through our years of experience, we’ve found out what ingredients are the best for a successful family holiday and we look forward to sharing the recipe with you!

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