Corporate yacht charter

Who told you that business and pleasure don’t mix? Work hard, play hard, it’s all about breaking out of the ordinary corporate gathering.


A yacht charter is as perfect for relaxing and teambuilding as it is for signing deals, brainstorming, developing strategies…

Whether you are looking at entertaining clients, hosting meetings, rewarding your staff, promoting your brand, launching a product or organising your annual reception, this corporate yacht charter collection features a variety of boats which are the ideal setting for corporate gatherings. Tell us about your specific requirements and we’ll design the perfect yacht charter for you with one objective in mind: giving you the opportunity to strengthen work relationships.

We work with trustworthy service providers to help you with the organisation of your corporate event and can assist with catering, decoration, music and entertainment, transportation, accommodation, extra staff, activities…

If you’re planning an event for your business, please let us know, together we’ll make it a great success!